Backyard Transformation Inspired by Surroundings

St. Pete Beach Swimming Pool Remodel


Backyard Transformation Inspired by Surroundings

This backyard transformation was inspired by its surroundings. Our clients reached out to us in search of help remodeling the backyard of their beautiful piece of property on the water in St. Pete Beach.

Transformation Inspired by Surroundings

 Their concerns were their outdoor space was outdated, and not so inviting. They asked us for a fresh start for a backyard they could be proud and excited to use, a space to share with their family and friends. 

Brand New Look

During our consultation we learned our clients liked a slightly modern look, but with subtle class. They wanted the pool area to feel like a whole new pool, but without the costs of replacing the existing pool. We were excited to help as our specialty is tailoring the project to give them exactly what they are looking for.


St. Pete Beach Swimming Pool Remodel
St. Pete Beach Swimming Pool Remodel

Iconic Views

Part of the charm of this property is a perfect view of dolphins swimming in the foreground, and in the background, the beautiful and iconic Don CeSar Hotel. Upon seeing this, we suggested a simple remedy of removing the handrails that obstructed the view. Taking out these handrails was beneficial in three major ways. First, it created a more modern and sleeker look. Second, it created the illusion of a bigger space. Third, it allowed for an uninterrupted view. Our clients couldn’t be more excited about our idea and were inspired to hear more!


Pool remodel in St. Pete Beach

St Pete Beach Pool Remodel


Features for Entertaining

With entertaining in mind, we suggested changing the stairs and adding benches inside the pool. Our clients loved the idea of having more seating room inside the pool to offer their guests! Even better, now they could sit, sip a cocktail, and enjoy the entire pool from all sides. Taking it a step further, because we like to dream with our clients, we suggested adding a few water features to the pool. Knowing our clients were on a budget and wanted to keep the pool modest, we offered to add a bubbler and umbrella holder to the first step of the pool. This way, our clients have the perfect way to sit under an umbrella, hear the water from the bubbler, and enjoy their newly remodeled pool.


Pool Bubbler Installation

Bubbler as an Added Water Feature

Once this family decided Oasis Pavers and Pools was the best company in the bay area to create their dream backyard, we welcomed them into our showroom to pick out materials. That’s when we brought to life the vision they had for their backyard.

In our showroom, we have several materials to pick from including pavers, waterline tile, ledgestone split-face, rumble wall and pebble finishes. With help from our in-house professional designers, we make it easy to select the perfect material choices. The first step was picking a paver option that suited their property. We have concrete pavers, travertine, porcelain, shell lock, as well as a few other great paver options.


Pool Deck Renovation in St Pete Beach

Before and After

We suggested the MarbleScapes pavers, in the color Arctic White, as their paver deck. This specific material is a beautiful concrete paver with marble-like designs in it. You get all the benefits of concrete, such as little to no slip, with all the beauty and uniqueness of the marble coloring.

Going from grunge to glorious has a lot to do with the colors! The Arctic White pavers fit this family’s style perfectly. The next step was picking the right coping and water-line tile. We suggested going for drastic blues in and around the pool. Knowing we are the go-to company for inspiration our clients trusted our design team with this vision…they were excited to receive so many compliments on their new Oasis.


Travertine Pool Coping and MarbleScapes Pavers Pool Deck

Ocean Blue, Travertine Coping & Arctic White, MarbleScapes Pavers
Mastertile’s Fjord Glass Series waterline pool tile

Mastertile’s Fjord Glass Series waterline tile.

Surface Details

Another way this pool stands out is the specific color we used for the interior surface of the pool. The interior surface of a pool is what gives any given pool its watercolor. This pool’s deep radiant blue color comes from the Stonescapes pebble finish, Tropics Blue. This specific surface is made with an abalone shell mix. The shell mixed into the surface allows the surface to sparkle when the sun hits the shells. If you look closely at the picture below you can see the shells lit up on that first step as they shine in the sun.


St Pete Beach Pool Renovation

Completed Pool Overlooking Don CeSar Hotel

The subtle white pavers, pop of blues, and sparkling interior surface was above and beyond our customers’ expectations. Oasis exceeds expectations on every project!