Choosing Your Custom Pool Depth


New Pool Equipped with Badu Swimjets for Aquatic Exercise

Do you want to jump in the pool from a diving board, water slide, or throw the kiddos in the deep end? From the first consultation, we like to get to know our client and their vision so we can design the custom pool of their dreams.

Choosing Your Custom Pool Depth

 Your pool depth is an important decision because various activities require different depths. For example, one of our clients wanted to wake up every morning and jump out of his bedroom window into the pool. He also wanted to sit in his pool and watch the football games. On the other hand, his wife wanted a place to tan. We got to work and designed him a custom swimming pool with an ideal plunge depth (typically between 7 to 9 feet) and a bench on the far side so he and all of his friends had plenty of room to sit back and watch the games. For the sunbathers, we incorporated a sun shelf so his wife could tan and watch the game on TV right alongside their friends.


 In addition to using a sun shelf for tanning, many of our clients have babies and toddlers who would love to splash in the pool. The 6 inch depth is the perfect splash pad for your children to play! This is also a great location to add some water features such as bubblers to boost the fun.

Most commonly we see people opt out of plunging depth and instead want a 3.5 to 5.5 foot pool. Often we design these for people that want a pool to entertain. The trending pool remodel request in 2020 is a “depth reduction”. This means we take a deeper pool and reduce the entire depth to 3.5-5.5 foot. This way, everyone in the pool won’t be crowded on the shallow end and they can also stand and relax with their drinks in hand.

For the clients who are passionate about exercise, the pool depth can be adapted to your desired activities. If you plan to use your pool for aerobic activities, water jogging, or playing sports and games then a flat-bottom pool with a consistent depth is the best fit. In an upcoming blog, we’re also going to consult local fitness expert Alyssa Spaw, with Strength in Mind Fitness to teach you about the health benefits of using a pool and spa in your exercise routine.

When it comes down to it, we’re passionate about creating the pool that fits you and your family the best. While depth is just one detail of the project, we cultivate a relationship throughout the process that allows us to bring your backyard vision to life!